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Legacy Kingdom | The open cc where I began clanning. I pretty much never mention this as I feel no one mentions open cc's unless they survived to become an organized clan. | [07-08]


Red Blade Hunters — Member | I eventually came back to the game, and learned how to actually war here. Eventually after wanting more interesting fights and not getting along well with the carefree community I left. | ['09]


The Blacknights Clan(before first closure) — Elder | I had a friend within the clan and decided to join him. I had trouble adjusting and still had to train up, and as I felt I was finally improving the clan split and then closed. | [09-10]


The Blacknights Clan(remake) — Elder | I never really had the motivation to try out other clans when bk first closed. I took up a few offers here and there to pk with some but nothing ever panned out. | [11-12]


Genesis — Member | Eoc was almost launched and I had no clan to join for the final cluster. After being invited on ts to fight in the final moments of pre-eoc, I ended up joining through eoc until 07scape. | [12-13]


Eternal Reign — Member | Due to drama in Genesis that resulted in my abrupt removal, I ended up here. Didn't particularly enjoy myself and most of the members who had come back for 07scape left shortly. | ['13]


Echo of Silence — Member| After coming back to the game I joined eos. Mainly joined to have fun as I knew the clan wouldn't last the summer. I had a good time until the clan slowly fell apart as we all knew it would. | ['15]


Divine Forces — Member| Joined due to having old friends in the clan. Despite never having a moments rest within the clan and having health issues irl, I was eventually removed on unconfirmed accusations of spying. | ['15]


Downfall — Member | A clan I had multiple rivalries with in the past, eventually invited me to join. I had a good time until things slowed down and my account was banned. Upon returning I found the active member base had changed and was no longer interested. | ['16]


Impact - Retired | A clan made by GoChance1 after the closure of Downfall made to give those who wanted to continue clanning a place to go. I decided that there wasn't much left to clanning and decided to come back for a small period of time. | ['17]


Honorable mentions:

Chivalry Legions\ I app'd right before eoc but Genesis invited me to join them later and they had seemingly already stopped opperating.


THE Clan\ I app'd after spending sometime in the community only to quickly realize the state of the clan and decided it was not the place I wanted to be in.


Vanguard\ I forgot these dudes but they're pretty chill. I app'd at a bad time without knowing a bunch of friends were going to reopen a clan. Still a great group of people.






Team AV | ​Not much to say. I joined at their worst times and mainly used this as an outlet to improve. I was active on and off within the community and saw major changes throughout it's existence. | [09-11]


Flip Flops(second reopening) — Elite | On recommendation from a friend, I eventually ended up joining Flip Flops. I eventually left to focus on The Blacknight's remake. | [11-12]


Perception — Advisor | My first dealing with Icekid7. The team was fairly decent until neither me nor the other staff could continue to deal with his temper tantrums. | ['12]


Regression — Council | An Icekid7 team made during eoc. I joined due to a friend convincing me he was much more mature now. After quickly finding he wasn't, I resigned and took my clan mates with me. | ['12]


Descent — Legendary | A team I joined in 07scape before joining any clans, a place I called my home for the longest time. Eventually after the Divine Forces drama I stepped down due to distrust despite the rest of the staff members vouching for me. | [15-16]


Adversity — Member | A team I joined for practice and to stay sharp in fights. I ended up trolling a few times instead though. | ['16]




07-December 2012 | Flaming Severe -1 by Justin

11-June 2013 | Good Behavior +1 by HAR

August 2013 | Member of the Month

11-September 2013 | Good Behavior +1 by ^jordy

September 2017 | Member of the Month

November 2017 | Zybez Exclusive

27-October 2013 | Promoted to Community Leader of Pvp Clans and Specialty Clans

Demoted in Summer 2014 sometime.




“I've learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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