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My Rs account recently turned 10. It feels like just yesterday I was mining coal all night long to afford a rune scimmy. Updated 08 Dec · 3 comments

About Me

I've been here for over five years and I just realized I should have more here. Here's some stuff about me!

Name: Grayson
Age: 21
Country: USA
School/work: Student at a community college, currently working on computer science associates. Plan to transfer to another school after I earn my associates degree.
Video games: Rs, Call of Duty, Rocket League, and other assortments of ps4 games.
Hobbies: Paintball, fishing, hanging out with friends, cars and whatever seems fun!
Reason for getting into Rs: About 8 years ago a irl friend introduced me to the game. I found him killing cows fascinating and i had to try it for myself!
Best Rs moment: Back when old Bh crater was still in the game my irl friend and I were both around level 50. Our accounts were not made for pvp and we had absolutely no experience but we wanted to try our hand at pking. We bought a supply of mithril scimitars and tried our best at killing another player. We stayed up all night occasional killing someone else like us, that is not prepared for real combat. At one point in the night we somehow managed to kill someone in full rune. He must have been unable to leave due to looting because I remember him running to the middle of the crater and where he eventually ran out of food. I recall having just enough time to right click my glorious pile of rune (I could barely afford the mithril scimitars at the time...) before a mass of ranger pounced upon us. We instantly died... Rip
How I found Zybez: When I first started playing I was entranced upon the game. However, my parents were very anti video games and would only let me play about an hour a day. To satisfy my lust for the game I would pretend to go to sleep so that I could go into my room and read runescape guides late into the night. At first I primarily visited the runescape forums. I still remember reading a huge guide by Zarfot on slayer, real useful since I wouldn't become a member for another two years. Somehow or another I came across Zybez's guide section on the main website. I read just about everything on there. Then I found rsc. I surfed the forums for a while but didn't make an account because it was very difficult to use the psp as a browser. I eventually made an account in June 2010 and have been on and off visiting ever since.
Favorite part about Zybez: I have to say Zchat. Zchat has introduced me to so many great people over the years and has made the grind so much easier by distracting me with entertaining conversation. The second best part would be the questions board. The questions board is great for new players trying to learn more about the game, I know from experience. Apparently I've made over 90 topics myself :-D. I also enjoy answering the questions and have about 1/3rd of my total post on the board.

February 27 2012: +1 warning log, thank you Bolsh.
March 12 2012: 1000 post count.
November 13 2012: Accepted on to the Content team
January 16 2013: +2 warning log, thank you Debenkey.
January 28 2013: Accepted on to the Events team.
March 2013: Member of the month.
March 31 2013: 2000 post count.
April 22 2013: Promoted to Cl of Questions / Moneymaking and the Marketplace.
July 21 2013: Retired from the Content team.
January 22 2014: Won 2nd in Cc #3. Zybez Exclusive for 2 months.
January 30 2014: 2500 post count.
February 13 2014: Promoted to Senior Member.
December 24 2014: 3000 post count.
February 16 2015: +3 warning log.

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