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Start 0V3R - Friendly Community Clan! - No Level Req's

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#1 Arceus


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Posted 23 August 2014 - 8:05 AM

Note: you can also find us here for more up-to-date information.



Please note: We are an RS3 clan and do not have any basis in OSRS. We receive many requests from people wanting to join only to discover that they are in fact playing Old School instead.

Welcome to Start 0V3R!

Table of contents (click a number below to navigate!)

1.0 - Table of Contents (you are here)
2.0- Introduction to the Clan
3.0 - What we do

3.1 - Citadel
3.2 - Events
4.0 - Posting on the Welcome thread (necessary for new members!)
5.0 - Contact
6.0 - Clan Rules

◈ 2.0 - Introduction to the Clan

Start 0V3R is a friendly and established RS3 community clan that has been around for years. We always have fresh faces and welcome new recruits. In terms of events and other goings-on, we have something nearly every day - from citadel reset to regular group events to Clan Wars.



Originally when I created a 'friends chat,' long before the days of the Clan Camp, the idea was simple: to have a place where a group of my friends and I could all talk together, rather than through PMs.

We look forward to making new friends with whoever is interested in joining. We have a ranking system to encourage people to interact more with others through recruiting, attending events, and participating at the citadel.

Whether you are a long-standing clan member since the beginning or are thinking about incorporating clan life into your gaming experience fresh, we hope you will choose to join us!

-Arceus, clan leader and founder.


◈ 3.0 - What we do

We are a social/community clan and we are recruiting! Don't be intimidated by the number of clan members, as we welcome clanmates of all levels, both F2P and P2P, and we're all quite friendly. Unfortunately we are not able to offer guesting in our clan chat channel at this time, but you can feel free to PM one of our staff members listed under the Contact section. We've also included the clan rules here for your convenience.


◈ 3.1 - Citadel


We have a Tier 7 citadel we are very proud of, thanks to the dedication of many past and present clan members helping to skill there and gather resources. We have a rather modest requirement in terms of citadel policy - all that is strictly required of you is to visit the citadel each week you are P2P. If you have not visited toward the end of the week someone will attempt to get your attention and remind you, both in clan chat and in private, but it's up to you to reply and do so. While capping is not required, our citadel needs resources and people capping, so we would highly appreciate if you could take the time to skill there and help us gather some.

Members are also expected to cap and continue capping to maintain a rank of Lieutenant or higher. Free players are unable to visit the citadel since it is a members-only feature (due to coding issues on Jagex's end), so if you are free to play, don't worry - you are perfectly welcome to join and are not required to visit the citadel. For your enjoyment we have put together a picture tour of our citadel below (special thanks to Kevjumba for the pictures!).









◈ 3.2 - Events

We host a wide variety of events on a weekly basis, and there is usually something to do almost every day. Often we will have multiple activities on weekends! From recruiting to weekly bonfires to Clan Wars to other skilling events, we like to do a mix of stuff to keep things fresh. We are looking to host more PvM type events like God Wars Dungeon and other bossing now as well. All clan members are welcome to suggest ideas for events, and if it's something we feel is appropriate and interesting for our clan members, we will do our best to accommodate and make it happen. Higher ranking clan members may also host their own clan events, under the supervision of a clan staff member.


Clan Fist of Guthix - this minigame doesn't run often anymore but we still enjoy it!

A clan Divine Locations event, where we place and gather from locations of various types and levels!


◈ 4.0 - Posting on the Welcome thread

After joining, you'll have to post on the welcome thread. To get there, after you join, click the link from the rules thread highlighted in red in the picture below. You do not need to log in to see the rules thread on clan forums, but you will need to log in after joining to post on the welcome thread.


Alternatively, you may click here to get directly to the welcome thread. This is a direct link to the Jagex clan forum page and requires your RS login credentials. The page will prompt you to log in and produce an error message if you have not joined the clan. ALWAYS ensure that links to post on RS forums, etc. have proper authentication and begin with https://secure.runescape.com/, as in the image below, before entering your password.



◈ 5.0 - Contact

Here are some staff you can contact for more information about the clan or for an invitation to join us. Please identify clearly that you are seeking information or wish to join - remember that we can't read minds!

Arceuus (or Its_Arceus if not on)





(Underscores are used to emphasize the number of spaces - either an underscore or space produces the same name.)[/spoiler]


◈ 6.0 - Clan Rules

Please familiarize yourself with our clan rules before joining our clan. We have summarized them and broken it into subsections for your convenience, so you can just skim most of it, especially if you are familiar with clans in general. Keep in mind the welcome thread is essential for new members, so you should post there after joining, preferably as soon as possible after doing so. If you want more information on a particular subsection, just click its number and you will be taken directly to more information on it.

◈◈◈ 6.0' - Respect Clan members and the authority of Clan Staff
◈◈◈ 6.1 - No extremely offensive language/racism/etc
◈◈◈ 6.2 - No scamming/spamming
◈◈◈ 6.3 - No advertising dangerous websites
◈◈◈ 6.4 - No minimodding
◈◈◈ 6.5 - No begging/asking for handouts/asking for loans
◈◈◈ 6.6 - No discussion of controversial subjects without repercussions
◈◈◈ 6.7 - A word about rule seven
◈◈◈ 6.8 - Activity
◈◈◈ 6.9 - Post in the welcome thread

Like any clan, we have some rules. Here we present them, in order of most severe to more mild infractions. Please read and understand everything thoroughly. If you have a question, ask a staff member or reply to this thread. First of all, while we strongly encourage all players to follow all Jagex rules, we do not have the capability to enforce them. Therefore, we DO NOT ENFORCE JAGEX'S RULES. It is preposterous for us to determine if a player is botting or committing other similar offenses, so no bans or punishments will dealt for such offenses unless there is evidence such as direct admission. While we do strongly encourage you to follow Jagex’s rules, we will only enforce our own rules, which will be listed below. All decisions regarding kicks or bans with respect to our rules are final and effectively irreversible.

6.0'. RESPECT CLAN MEMBERS AND THE AUTHORITY OF CLAN STAFF. Clan staff here refer to ORGANIZERS, COORDINATORS, and OVERSEERS (as well as owner, of course). Our ambition is to have a friendly community of people who respect to each other. Clearly with such a large body of people, there will be many different viewpoints on different issues. You can have yours but respect other people’s opinions as well!

Furthermore, if a clan staff member requests that you not do something, please just drop it. Clan staff work hard to maintain the integrity of the chat and make sure the community stays awesome. They WILL remove you from the clan if you persist. If you wish to discuss the issue further or think something was misunderstood, contact Its Arceus directly. If there is an issue and no clan staff are on, take screenshots and try not to perpetuate the issue and summarize/send evidence to a clan staff member the next time they come online.

Back to Clan Rules

6.1. No extremely offensive language/racism/etc. Usage of an occasional swear word is permitted, so long as such a usage makes no attempt to circumvent the chat filter* (more info at the end of the posts), and is not derogatory with respect to a particular ethnic group, race, sexual orientation, etc. Also try to keep away from discussion of drugs. We have clan members of all ages and do not want to encourage them in that direction. If any uncertainty arises it is recommended that one abstains from using the term until it is discussed or clarified with an admin.

As some examples: Do not say things like “this is gay.” Do not mention rape or depictions of sexual acts. Do not use the “n-word” or similar terms. Do not make racist jokes. Do not call clanmates vulgar names.
Severity Level: MODERATE-HIGH

Back to Clan Rules

6.2. No scamming/spamming. We know that you know what scamming is, and we will not tolerate it. We have slightly more leniency for spamming. Spamming can be (1) filling the chat with gibberish or (2) repeating the same or essentially the same message in a short period of time. Spamming also includes making multiple requests in clan chat to buy something. Use the Grand Exchange for such transactions. Whether or not something is spam is at the discretion of clan staff. IF A CLAN STAFF MEMBER ASKS YOU TO STOP, LISTEN TO THEM! We will demote and mute you along with recruits in the clan chat if necessary. In general, you may find it useful to recall the acronym SPAM = Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages.
Severity Level: MODERATE-HIGH

Back to Clan Rules

6.3. No advertising dangerous websites. If you advertise a website in the clan chat or on our forums (and saying it one time is enough) which is a phishing site, an otherwise dangerous site, or contains adult content, we will take appropriate action to prevent such a breach from re-occurring, including possible removal from the clan (aka kick) or removal of chatting privileges (muting recruits). Even if you are mentioning a website which is legitimate, safe, etc., keep in mind this is against Jagex rules and you may be reported/muted as Jagex deems necessary.
Severity Level: MODERATE

Back to Clan Rules

6.4. No minimodding. Do not attempt to enforce either our rules or Jagex rules if you are not an organizer rank or higher-this includes claiming your other account has these powers. Although your efforts are appreciated, without the authority to take appropriate action, you will only cause flaming and in short, trigger a larger disaster. If you are not clan staff, it is best to note down the incident and let staff know at a later time. If another clan member is breaking one of Jagex's rules which is not on our list, there is nothing we can do-simply report them as usual without taunting and hope for the best.
Severity Level: LOW-MODERATE

Back to Clan Rules

6.5. No begging/asking for handouts/asking for loans. Although we're happy to aid you in finding ways to make your fortune, we are not in the business of financing you with free gifts. It would be wiser to ask how to make money than to ask for money outright. Further, please do not ask for a loan from clanmates in clan chat. Lending money to another clanmate is fine if arranged by PM but keep in mind we have NO WAY to get back your money if they run off with it.
Severity Level: LOW

Back to Clan Rules

6.6. No discussion of controversial subjects without repercussions. If you choose to discuss these topics, which include religion and politics, you will be held responsible for any resulting flaming. If a conversation degenerates into an unpleasant argument rather than discussion, you may be asked to change the subject or drop it-please do so.
Severity Level: LOW

Back to Clan Rules

6.7. There is no rule seven.
Back to Clan Rules

6.8. Activity. If you are not seen for a long period of time (generally over a month), you may be kicked for inactivity. Furthermore, staff members who disappear unexpectedly will have their rank lowered until they return and a satisfactory explanation has been provided. If you plan on leaving RuneScape for some time, let us know so we can note it down and your rank will be preserved.
Back to Clan Rules

6.9. Post in the Welcome Thread. It is VERY IMPORTANT for all new members to post in the welcome thread within two days! We will attempt to remind you on your third day but if you do not comply/cooperate/do not see the message you will then be kicked. Do not forget to mention that you have read the clan rules! Click button with "Forum" and a green arrow at the top of the page to go back to the list of threads and see it, or simply follow the link within the rules thread. You can see more information in <a class="bbc_url" href="http://forum.tip.it/...#Welcomethread" rel="nofollow" style="color: rgb(15, 114, 218);" title="">Section 4.0 along with a picture if you need help doing this, or ask a staff member. If you do not post within the allotted period and are kicked, you are welcome to join again, but the requirement to post stands.

*Here some examples of evading the chat filter are provided under the following scenario: Suppose the word "sweater" is decreed to be offensive and impermissible to say, and hence is added to the chat filter by Jagex. Writing any of these "euphemisms" would be in violation of our rules:

*Swe4ter (these three are various examples of numerical substitution for letters)
*Swe/ater (splitting in between two lines of chat)
*Sweter (omitting a letter)

Back to Clan Rules


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#2 Mouton Black

Mouton Black


Posted 12 October 2014 - 6:34 PM

Beautiful clan whit alot of very nice members! This clan is recommended by me ;)

Fisher Price:)
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Posted 01 February 2015 - 11:58 PM

gl guys :)
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#4 RoT Andy

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Posted 28 September 2015 - 9:27 AM

Good-luck guys, I'm sure you'll do well.
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#5 LedzeppelinQ



Posted 07 October 2015 - 12:26 AM

Good luck!

side note: Damn I miss Clan Citadels and such, wish they did more clan related updates in OSRS.
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#6 Stl Arrow

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Posted 13 October 2015 - 11:42 PM

Good luck!

side note: Damn I miss Clan Citadels and such, wish they did more clan related updates in OSRS.

Can agree with this post. I was in Collision during this era in runescape and would do anything for those days to come back..:(
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#7 T H E Do0rs

T H E Do0rs


Posted 07 February 2016 - 8:34 PM

Nice topic, gl
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Posted 24 July 2017 - 5:41 PM

Good luck everyone
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#9 ^jordy



Posted 17 August 2017 - 2:05 AM

Good luck recruiting and all the best with your clan.

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