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Announcement: Global Rules

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RuneScape Community Global Rules

Table of ContentsIntroduction

The Global Rules govern all areas of RuneScape Community (RSC) and its related Projects. All members, regardless of rank, are required to follow the rules. Ignorance of the rules and policies is not an excuse and will still lead to consequences which will be determined by the staff based on the severity of the offence.

Please review the Global Rules before you begin posting, in addition to reading the Signature and Avatar Rules. Further information about RuneScape Community, as well as using the forum, can be found in the RuneScape Community Help and Rules sticky.

RuneScape Community Accounts

1. Do not create more than one account on RSC. Secondary accounts will be banned. Accounts created to circumvent a ban or suspension will be banned and the original account will be banned as well. If you and other members of your immediate family have separate accounts, please inform a Senior Moderator of this so we can make a note on your account.

2. Do not use your account for the purposes of advertising another site. Accounts created solely to advertise will be banned. We do allow advertisements for Clan members attempting to recruit individuals into their Clan but only in the Recruiting forum. However, a clear link back to Zybez or RSC is required; more information can be found here.

3. Do not use your account to post objectionable material on this site. Objectionable material includes, but is not limited to: pornography, violent or graphic images, racist, homophobic, sexist or other defamatory posts or images or links to download sites (which could potentially contain viruses or keyloggers). Accounts which make these type of posts or topics will be banned. This includes avatars, signatures and any text on your profile page.

4. Do not use your account to promote any type of illegal RuneScape related activity. This includes, but is not limited to: account trading, account buying or selling, account sharing, claiming to be able to give free membership or Player Moderator status, promoting or using any type of botting or autoing program, any type of RuneScape password/Bank PIN scams or the advertising or encouragement of private servers. Accounts which make these type of posts or topics will be banned. While our Rules mirror those of RuneScape, Zybez' rules will always take precedent over Jagex's rules.

5. Do not use your account to claim that you are someone that you are not (impersonation) or post information or images which were not created by you (plagiarism). If you are accused of impersonation or plagiarism, you will be required to prove that you are who you say you are. Failure to provide proof will result in either a suspension or a ban.

6. Do not use your account to make threats against the security of this website or any of its users. Individuals who threaten another user will be either suspended or banned, based on the severity of the threats. Individuals who threaten the security of RSC or Zybez will be banned.

Common Courtesy

1. Treat all other users and RSC Staff civilly. Individuals who flame other users through any medium on this site will have the offending comment deleted and action may be taken against their account. It is the Moderator's discretion on whether you will be suspended for your comment(s).

2. Please respect decisions made by Staff members. If an offensive post, signature or avatar is removed by a Moderator, resubmitting the material again will lead to a suspension. If you feel that an action taken against your account was wrong, you can appeal by contacting a Senior Moderator privately.

3. Do not evade the language filter on our site. Individuals who circumvent the language filter will be suspended. The language of the forums and content is English; non-English posts will be deleted.

4. Please avoid spamming our site by posting abbreviated comments (lol, nice, 10/10, inb4lock), double posting or bumping threads that have long since died. Spammy comments will normally be deleted, with persistent spamming resulting in a suspension. Individuals who intentionally spam in order to reach the 50 posts requirement for certain forums will be suspended and their post count edited to zero posts.

5. Please do not create topics directed towards one individual or a certain group of people. Instead, please use the Private Message system to direct your comments directly to the people who wish to speak with. Topics intended for certain people and not the Community will be deleted. People who make negative public comments regarding actions taken against them by Moderators will be suspended. Please appeal all actions in private through our Private Message system to a Senior Moderator.

6. Please post in a way that is suitable for everyone. This is a public forum, anyone can read what you write. Please ensure what you write is suitable for all ages and ethnicities. "In-jokes" and other easily misconstrued posts should be kept to private messages.

7. Please do not encourage others to violate our rules.

8. Please report rule breaking posts or threads via the report tool at the bottom of the post. Adding to their spam is not helping yourself nor the Community.


Located below your avatar is information on both your RuneScape account information, and your forum account information. A part of your forum account information is your Rating. Your Rating gives a general depiction of the type of member you are, and can only be seen by yourself and Moderators and above.

A rating of 0 is neutral and is where all new members start off; a clean slate. A positive rating depicts a member who posts well, is an active member of the community, and is making strides to improve RuneScape Community. A negative rating depicts a member who has broken the Rules and has been punished for doing so. Your Rating can go as high as +5, and as low as -5, with the latter resulting in a ban.

For an in-depth explanation of each Rating, please visit the Community section of the RuneScape Community Help & Rules.


When a member breaks the Rules, they will receive a negative rating. If the rating deduction brings the member below 0, they will also receive a suspension. Each negative rating has a specific suspension length. The lengths of suspensions are as follows:

-1: Three day suspension
-2: One week suspension
-3: Two week suspension(*)
-4: Three week suspension
-5: Permanent ban

*Note: These time-frames for suspensions are our standard scale. However, judging on the severity of the infraction, the length of suspension may be increased or decreased. Any adjustment to the length of suspension will go through a Senior Moderator or King and you will receive a Private Message informing you of the reason for the change.

Ban Appeals

If you have been banned permanently from the site, after a time you may choose to appeal this ban. Please go to the Ban Appeals forum [visible only to banned users] to start this appeal. Be certain to include the circumstances behind your ban (if known) and any pertinent information which you wish to provide to support your request to be unbanned. Please note that you must wait three months after your ban date to be allowed to appeal. Individuals who are found evading a ban will not be allowed to appeal. Once an appeal is sent, please allow several days to allow the Staff to discuss your appeal. The final decision will be posted on the thread.

If accepted, you will be unbanned but placed at a -4 Rating. Please note that if you attain a -5 Rating again or you violate any rules which would normally result in a ban, you will be rebanned and any and all future appeals will be ignored.

If rejected, we will inform you of our decision. You may reappeal in another six months.


Though they may seem exhaustive, the rules and guides are to ensure that everyone can participate in the excellent discussions Runescape Community is known for. If you'd like further information on the workings of the Community, posting tips, and how to edit your Settings and use the various forum tools, please visit the RuneScape Community Help & Rules. If you are an active member and are looking to improve your posting technique, check out the Community Mentoring Project for the assistance of some of the Community's most experienced members. For any questions you may have in regards to the Community, don't hesitate to PM a Moderator or Senior Moderator, who will be happy to help you.

In short, be conscious of your actions, respect yourself, and respect others.

Written by the Zybez Administrators.

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